#SpeakingOut – United we are world-beaters – Barbados Today

#SpeakingOut – United we are world-beaters – Barbados Today

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by Annan Boodram

It has become rather perplexing that, in spite of the gelling of the West Indies cricket team, the nations of the Caribbean refuse to use this model for all sports. This issue has been mooted from time to time in various Caribbean media starting almost two decades ago but has never been addressed by Caribbean governments, sporting bodies and CARICOM. In the 2016 Olympics, the English-speaking Caribbean tallied 17 medals. In 2012 that number was 43.

A West Indies soccer team stands a chance of competing internationally and possibly winning medals in a way that none of the territorial teams do.

Ditto for any other team sports. In athletics a West Indies team can bring home significant amount of medals from various world games, the Olympics and so on, especially given that powerhouse Jamaica will be supplemented by the best of Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago and the other nations.

There are also other reasons for West Indian participation as a single entity in the international sports arena.

For one, it’s much more cost effective since instead of large numbers of officials that accompany the various teams, there will be one set of officials at any given time and trips for the boys or girls would have been eliminated.

As well we have seen how cricket brings us together, even as we debate,