Edward calls on youth to get more involved with politics – Loop News St. Lucia

Edward calls on youth to get more involved with politics – Loop News St. Lucia

Parliamentary Representative for Dennery North, Shawn Edward, has called on young people to get involved in activities that will impact their future and the development of the country.

“The young people have a big role to play in the development of any country,” Edward said on MBC tv, in a message to the young people in observance of youth month, which is held in St Lucia in April.

As it relates to politics, Edward implored them to desist from the attitude of not taking an interest in it and refusing to vote. He said the young people need to have an interest in politics because the kind of government elected and the representation in the different constituencies can have implications for their development.

“Young people can’t just stay there and let other people make decisions for them,” Edward, who is also a former Minister of Sports, said.

He added: “I want to encourage young people to stand up, go forward, and put their nose in everything happening in the country, especially in what government and organizations are doing.”

Edward urged them to take their school seriously, stay away from drugs and always exercise.

“They need to cool out a bit on the amount of rum they drink, the amount of smoking, those things that will not give them healthy bodies,” he said.

Edward also appealed to them to take interest in their spiritual development.

He also called on community leaders, parliamentarians and parents to encourage young people to participate in the different things that will give