#BTEditorial – Vaccination politics and economy – Barbados Today

#BTEditorial – Vaccination politics and economy – Barbados Today

The thought that the United States is literally sitting on a stockpile of 60 million doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, while Governments in the Caribbean are running around from pillar to post, trying to acquire this vital protection for their populations is nothing short of amazing.

This vaccine, which is being used widely in Europe, and is the main source of inoculation for Britain, has not been authorised for emergency use in the United States. At the same time, though, the American government continues to order more of it, which further boggles the mind.

According to news reports, the company which developed AstraZeneca in association with Britain’s Oxford University, has not applied for emergency authorisation from the US Food and Drug Administration.

With several American drug makers who are global leaders in the highly lucrative pharmaceutical business, currently dominating their home market for COVID-19 vaccines, it appears there is no viable reason why the British drug developer would seek to fight for market share there.

Just days ago, the Biden administration finally announced it was prepared to share its stockpile of AstraZeneca vaccines with the rest of the world in the “coming weeks”.

And as another wave of the viral disease spreads, the American administration is yet to indicate which countries will be the fortunate recipients of the life-saving treatment.

“We do not need to use AstraZeneca in our fight against COVID in the next few months,” said White